Tent Meetings

A time of prayer, worship, and profound intimacy with God

Here, you'll discover a sacred space where the spirit finds solace and the heart can connect with the divine

Every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:45pm, we gather at 77-87 Canning Highway

In the pages of Exodus 33:7-11, we encounter a remarkable story of Moses, a spiritual leader, who engaged in wonderfully intimate conversations with God. Moses had an awe-inspiring discipline, he had a regular place where he met with God. Moses would pitch a tent outside the bustling camp, a tent he aptly named “the tent of meeting.” This was a place where anyone seeking the Lord would venture.

As Moses entered the tent, a pillar of cloud descended, and he communed with God, “face to face, as a man speaks with his friend.” The people watched in reverence and worship as they sensed the presence of God. Moses’ regular, devoted practice of meeting with God in this sacred space left an indelible mark on the hearts of his people.

Today, our “Tent Meetings” are a modern-day echo of this ancient practice. It’s a time when we come together as a community, hungry for deeper connection and intimacy with our God. We’ve crafted a place where you can escape the noise of everyday life and draw near to God, just as Moses did.

A passion for the presence of God

Here, we prioritise the disciplines of prayer, worship, and intimate communion with God. Our leaders set the example, just as Moses did in his time. We believe that it brings great comfort to God's people when their leaders prioritise walking closely with the Lord. TRIBES Tent Meetings serve as a reminder of our passion for the presence of God. As we gather, we witness the transformational power of intimate fellowship.

A heart of worship

These gatherings are about a communal response. As we engage in intimate conversation with God, our hearts are stirred to worship, and we respond with awe and reverence.

Our Values

Commonly held values are the key to unity and are the foundation upon which all our activity must be based.

Sunday Gatherings

Join us to learn more about the beliefs, culture, family and get the chance to meet the leadership of our house.