Community Groups

Establish deeper connections within our Church community.

We believe in transformation, discipleship, and growth, and we invite everyone within our church family to experience these qualities

These groups are one of the most compelling ways to establish deeper connections, find community and true belonging, and become active participants in the life of TRIBES Church.

One of the foundational elements of TRIBES Church is the cultivation of healthy, meaningful relationships. We’re convinced that it’s essential for each individual to find a place where they can connect with fellow believers and grow together in faith. Scripture beautifully defines us as a unified body, the family of God, and we firmly believe that we’re not meant to journey through life in isolation. We were created to thrive in community, to fellowship with one another, to encourage, uplift, and build one another up.

To achieve the level of revival and reformation that we eagerly anticipate, we must deepen our commitment and love for one another.

Tent Meetings

These gatherings are about a communal response. As we engage in intimate conversation with God, our hearts are stirred to worship, and we respond with awe and reverence.

Sunday Gatherings

Join us to learn more about the beliefs, culture, family and get the chance to meet the leadership of our house.