Who are we?

TRIBES is a collection of people who are threaded together in the colourful tapestry of God. ‘Tribes’ refers to Revelation 5:9-12, which envisions heaven as a diverse party of people from different countries, languages, and races gathered before God. We are a non-denominational Christian church based in Perth, Australia. We are a diverse party of people that are focused on Christ, community and conversations.


All Byrne – No bite

Cody Byrne has a multifaceted geographic identity, thanks to his parents and the plan of God. At the crisp age of 20, Cody met the shining love of his life, Chantel, and the two have been married for nine years—now happily parenting four kids. Cody received his ordination from Calvary Church, where he spent over five years leading the youth ministry. Chantel, who spent five of her own years leading youth in the city before meeting Cody, added her own expertise to his leadership when the two were wed. Together, they led the youth at one of the largest churches in America. Both received a Bachelor of Science degree in family studies from the University of New Mexico.

In mid-2019, Cody and Chantel packed up their life into six green duffle bags and headed to Australia to begin TRIBES Church. With a heart to see people experience the colour of God, Cody and Chantel are dedicated to continuing to create space for God to move powerfully.

Cody once got his tooth knocked out from his kid sister at the age of 8. He’s a fighter, but in the I’ll-let-you-win-cause-I-love-you sort of way. Chantel’s got grit for miles, but only when she’s not busy cradling the hearts of many. She’ll be with you in pure empathy as you pour out your heart. And if you happen to be dehydrated or in desperate need of H20 with no other source in sight, Chantel will find a way to quench your thirst — even if it means shedding some tears just to share.


Making the move from the land of the free to the home of the fish ‘n’ chips

Perth is our new home, but it isn’t quite new to us. Cody Byrne, our beloved pastor, was born in Perth and raised in America. He spent time throughout his childhood visiting family in Perth on holiday trips — playing cricket with cousins and trying to figure out how to truly enjoy the delicacy of Vegemite. But over the years, he has perfected his methodology for Vegemite flavour pairings, and — just for kicks — he discovered the most exquisite ratio of meat pie to tomato sauce and will happily serve it to you free of charge (just ask nicely, please).

With over 2.3 million residents, Perth sits on the coast of the Indian Ocean as the most isolated city in the world. It’s off the beaten path, but it’s sunny in our corner of the world — we receive more sunlight here than in any other capital city on the planet.

Perth is the gem of the West, as we like to call it, and we’re happy to call this multicultural gem our home.