Wills & Bequests

General Information – Wills

When preparing your Will, your immediate family should be the first ones you consider when dividing up your estate. However, for some people, giving through their estate will be the only time they are able to give a significant gift to an organisation they respect and wish to support. Thank you for considering a bequest to Tribes Church, enabling us to continue to help those in our local and global communities.

Having a Will in place allows the people we love to be properly provided for and ensures that any assets are distributed according to your wishes. It also protects those you love from having to try to work out what you may have wanted to do amidst what can be a very sad time for them. Many people also like to provide for a community organisation in their Will, knowing that a part of their estate will be used to benefit others when they are gone. It is important to review your Will from time to time to ensure that it still reflects your wishes particularly if your circumstances change.

We would encourage you to receive legal advice from your solicitor, State or Public Trustee or Trustee Company when preparing your will to ensure that it is clearly worded and can be validly executed. This will also assist in ensuring that all aspects of your assets and all persons for whom you should provide are carefully considered.

When your Will has been completed it should be kept in a safe place. Your solicitor’s office or local bank may be able to facilitate this. It is also important to ensure that someone you trust and the person you select as an executor of your will is informed of its whereabouts.

What are the options for leaving a bequest to Tribes Church?

Thank you for considering a bequest to Tribes Church. It is very much appreciated.
There are a number of options to consider when deciding how to include Tribes Church in your Will. These could include:

1. You can leave a specific amount of money. Although this does not allow for changes in your circumstances.
2. Your gift can take effect after the death of your partner. In this way your partner retains your estate for life.
3. A percentage of your estate can go to Tribes Church so other beneficiaries are not disadvantaged should circumstances change.
4. If you wish you can leave the whole or part of your estate to Tribes Church after other personal beneficiaries have been considered.
5. Particular items such as shares, art or property can be left to Tribes Church.
6. You may also consider making a gift to Tribes Church through a perpetual trust that will provide ongoing financial support.

Suggested wording for leaving a bequest to Tribes Church

“I give, devise and bequeath (the whole/part)* of my estate to TRIBES CHURCH LIMITED atf Tribes Church ABN 26 638 149 505 for its general purposes, (or specific purposes. If specific -provide details).”
*Delete whichever is inapplicable.
“I give, devise and bequeath the sum of (The actual amount should be written in this space. The amount should also be shown in numbers) to TRIBES CHURCH LIMITED atf Tribes Church ABN 26 638 149 505 for its general purposes, (or specific purposes. If specific – provide details).”