Aircon Project​

Creating an atmosphere that is enjoyable, refreshing and safe.

As we continue to gather, we recognise that creating an atmosphere that is enjoyable, refreshing and safe is vital. To achieve this, we are generously giving and fervently praying to reach our total goal $68,207.75

What our offering is going towards:

All contributions will be dedicated to the installation of cooling and heating systems, ensuring an ideal and consistent environment for our community throughout all seasons. We have mapped out this installation into 4 phases. 

Phase 1

The Little TRIBES + AV + Mother’s Rooms

These spaces are very important to us as they are integral components of our home. A percentage of our offering air conditioning the Mother’s + Little TRIBES’ environments and AV environment here at TRIBES.

Total cost: $26,372.50

Total needed: Fully Funded

Phase 2

Half of the Sanctuary + Offices + Prayer Rooms

As we aim to enhance the comfort of our home, giving in this phase is directed towards installing cooling and heating systems in half of our sanctuary, office spaces, and prayer rooms. Your contribution ensures that these spaces become ideal, creating a consistent and enjoyable atmosphere through all seasons. 

Total cost: $26,372.50

Total needed: $25,385.86

Phase 3

Final Half of the Sanctuary

In the Third Phase we approach the completion of our sanctuary, your giving becomes the key to finalising this sacred space. By supporting this specific need, you play a vital role in making our home a place of comfort and welcoming for everyone who walks through our doors.

Total cost: $26,372.50

Total needed: $26,372.50

Phase 4

The Foyer

This final addition of air conditioning and heating ensures that our foyer remains a pleasant space for connection, and community, creating an atmosphere where everyone can feel at home and engaged in the warmth (or cool) of our church family.

Total cost: $15397.80

Total needed: $15397.80

Ways to securely give:

Your giving is more than financial support; it's a profound act of worship that ushers in positive change.

Account Name: Tribes Church Limited
Bank: CommonwealthBank
BSB: 066-128
Account Number: 1080 9095